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Our Facility

We have a 16,000sqft building with 4 courts, AC, and a parent viewing area

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Summer Clinics

We will be hosting multiple summer clinics for all ages and skill levels.

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Choose your team of 4, get registered, and be ready to

compete in this fast paced volleyball tournament.

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Congratulations to all of our postseason teams!

12G finished 17th in the nation winning Bronze in the 12 National division
13G finished 5th in the nation in the 13 Open division
13N1 finished 19th in the 13 USA division
14G finished 9th in the nation winning Silver in the 14 Open division
14N1 finished 17th winning Bronze in the 14 National division
16G finished 3rd in the 16 Patriot division
17G finished 9th winning Silver in the 17 USA division
17N1 finished 8-2 in 17 patriot
18G finished 33 in the nation in the 18 Open division

16N1 finished 9th out of 134 teams
14N2 finished 21st out of 86
15G finished 40th winning Diamond in the 16 Aspire division

17N2 finished 6th with an 8-3 record
15N1 finished 7th
15N3 finished 10th with a 9-3 record
13N2 finished 13th with a 8-3 record
12N1 finished 17th with a 9-3 record
14N3 finished 30th with a 8-3 record
13N3 finished 31st
15R1 finished 42nd
12R3 finished 49th

Arizona Sky Volleyball Academy

We provide high level volleyball training for girls of all ages and skill levels.

Our mission is to empower young women so they can succeed on the court and in life.

We have year round opportunities for players to develop the necessary skills that will help them reach their potential and prolong their careers.

What age group can my daughter play?


Our Facility

11410 N 19th Avenue • Phoenix, Arizona 85029

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